Our House – Fire

In the middle of the village centre of Sint-Agatha-Rode, known as Rooi by the locals, is a house built in 1895. It used to be one of the 40 inns of this village and is now open to the public again!

House of Rooi opens its doors to all guests. Staying in our Bed and Breakfast for one night or a few days can mean a pause in your busy life or on your long journey. Our house is situated in a beautiful, green, protected zone with woods , pastures and a bird and nature reserve in the valley of the Dyle. You can also choose to stay for a few weeks.   Places of interest in the region include : the cultural city of Leuven, Wavre, the Meerdaal forest, the playground and recreation area of the Zoete Waters and the big Walibi amusement park.   The guest rooms are in different parts of the former farm. Renovation with ecological materials allows them to blend with the older parts of the house.   We have chosen for the four nature elements as names for our rooms: ‘Earth’ for the studio with the loam walls that seem to radiate rest, ‘Water’ for the studio with a view on the Dyle valley, and room ‘Air’ for the room that makes the most contact with the sky, thanks to the big roof window.   ‘Fire’, that is our own house, it represents our family, our enthusiasm, the warm hospitality in which we like to invite you.